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Justsendme run errands for you,you want to get anything from somewhere,but you're not opportuned to,all you have to do is to give us the location and description of what you want by sending us a DM' justsendme will run the errands for you though with charges applied...and we will represent you more than you can yourself.

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Business Vision & Mission:

Justsendme is all about ensuring the comfortability of our customers and ensuring they live a stress free life. How? With just a DM to our WhatsApp number '08119108257' or by visiting our website,you can list down what you'll want us to get for you anywhere and we will have them deliver at your doorstep. That's not all,at justsendme we will represent you in person,wherever you send us,in terms of pricing and getting you quality. We are not only capable of getting what you want at only one location,you can send us to multiple locations to get you somethings,and we will. All you have to do to enjoy our services is to DM or visit our website, where you'll be able to send us your order and description of what you want. Thank you. And remember, justsendme is here to ensure a stress free life for you🤗 Very soon, we hope justsendme services will be available in all states,as our services can only be enjoyed in ibadan for now.

Business Terms & Conditions:

To every errand,there is charges applied,and they are all affordable

Business Privacy Policy:

Whatever you want us to get for you is within us and you our dear customer.